Publishers Notes May 2018

Each year for the eight years of Obama we have hung our heads, ate humble pie and have been taken advantage of by Russia, China, Mexico and more.

The argument today is between Trump, the media, the Democrats and a few Republicans in a power struggle. In my opinion the media other than Fox News and a few others is owned by the Democrats backed billionaires. The real money behind the media is Socialism which believes in taking money from the rich and giving it to the poor even if they are not working and not trying to better themselves. These people have gotten very wealthy with this system. They bought up media to spread their propaganda. When they can’t find something bad about the opposition candidate they make it up, FAKE NEWS!

Russia has been influencing and manipulating our important decisions through hacking, spying, buying influence thru campaign funds and etc.  Russia has also been creating unrest in countries they would like to take over. [Read more…]

Walking Tall

By TomL

Once in a while you will see a person emerge that is special. He or she will have the energy of many people, sleep very little, work very smart and very hard. There is one very visible at the moment Donald Trump, President of the United States and he is walking tall. Some of the little weasels are scurrying around in the underbrush and some are standing on a stump telling lies trying to bring him down to their size. As long as he is alive he will never do that. I hesitate to use the words United States. Right now our states are not united. Usually you can tell the good guys from the bad guys. Today it’s hard to tell. The people that investigate the bad guys have used illegal methods, so what do we do now. We do the right thing. We follow truth and justice no matter where it goes. We follow our laws and those who broke them must be punished by our laws.

When a person like Trump is walking tall among the supposed tough guys, he looks them in the eye and tells it like it is and they can’t believe he says it plain leaving no question.  Trump is lucky that he has his family around him so when he gets that lonely empty feeling it’s not so bad. [Read more…]

Forest high School Shooter


The shooter,  Bouche was a nineteen year drop out from Forest High School. It started out by Bouche saying his first memory was of violence. Bouche was also Baker Acted at age 14. He wanted to join the military but could not because of the Baker Act. He bought the gun from an online source and met someone to pick it up. It was a 1930’s model shotgun. He said when he actually got the gun home and he put a shell in the chamber, he got an adrenaline rush. Sources say Bouche wanted to shoot up the school on Friday the 13th but backed out.

Bouche said he put the gun in a guitar case and it was surprisingly easy to walk in, no security, no resource officer, no teacher stopping him. He walked to a bathroom put on his tactical vest, loaded the gun and walked out to the hallway. When a girl (student) saw him she started crying and walking away, he let her go. The adrenaline rush was gone and there was an empty hole. He was confused and did not know what to do, so he shot a door. He did not find out till later that he had shot a student. He said he laid the shot gun down and gave himself up to a teacher. He said a couple of times he was remorseful but did not care what the students thought of him.  Bouche said he could have killed a lot of students but chose not to.

School Shootings, Gun Safety and Bullying

By TomL

Let me start from the beginning. I believe the school shootings are because of something that happened at school to set it off but it started at home! Most school shootings are about bullying and belittling a child or teenager in front of others. I am an eye witness to the bullying that goes on at school. I went to school in Broward County School system 100 years ago, time frame slightly off, but it has not changed.

In the school shooting incident in Broward County the officials were sufficiently warned: Law Enforcement was warned, FBI was warned, School Officials were warned, School Officials warned others, everyone was warned. In this case they simply needed to enforce the law. They did not! There are many suggestions on why they did not stop this young man. They are excuses. One reason given was local law enforcement stop making a lot of arrests so it would look like crime went down. Now isn’t that interesting? Someone wanted to get re-elected, instead they should be put in jail. [Read more…]

Publishers Notes April 2018

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.

You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.

You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.

You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.

You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.

You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence. [Read more…]

Daddy’s Home

This is Lane Loury watching for his daddy coming home from work. He does the same thing when his mother is coming in the driveway. He figured out at about 9 months he could push the stool to the window and stand on it and he could get a good view out the window. Mommy and daddy both drive big dodge diesel trucks so he can hear them coming. All the animals start making a racket because they know it’s feeding time at the Loury Farm.

Publishers Notes – March 2018

Here we are in March and it feels like there is a full time election campaign going on. Democrats and Republicans are lying to each other, doing strategy to make a deal so they can get re-elected. Throwing everything in but the kitchen sink.  After taking a shower at night and watch an hour of Fox News I feel dirty again, and the unfortunate thing is most of what I have been hearing is what I suspected to be true.

Someone needs to go back to the Judge that gave the FBI the right to spy on the other party and ask the Judge to squash the warrant based on the fact that the information furnished was not true. [Read more…]

Sink Holes

By TomL

A little history first: Villages creator & founder was Harold Swartz. Mr. Swartz had several ventures in the Marion County area. One was a development called Lake Tropicana near Dunnellon Florida. It was a large unincorporated area that Swartz subdivided into 1.25 acre plots and 2.5 acre plots, all dirt roads. You could buy land $49 down and $49 per month. Many people took advantage of that easy to purchase deal, especially since they did not have a high down payment. It helped many people fulfill their dream of owning land.  Today they have built there won roads and maintain them. [Read more…]

Publisher’s Notes – February 2018

Attorney General Pam Bondi has been busy. They busted a Dentist for Medicare fraud. They were using two homeless people to bill for payment to them in exchange for them staying in a hotel expenses paid. Good job Pam, maybe you should go clean up Washington!

On a local front, I got a call from a Democrat. The caller said he had a message for Tony Powell one of our columnists. “There are at least two twenty five year residents of the Villages that think Trump is a Nazi!” I just guessed he was a democrat! I wonder why he did not just call Tony himself? Personally I think Trump is kicking butt and taking names. Trump should have shown the head of the Democratic committee the memo that proves how some of his fellow Dems have been.  Nuff said! (new word).

Got a call from a scammer saying I was going to be picked up by the local police, not sure why. Probably for using my Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. If it’s for that “bring it on!” [Read more…]


By Tom Loury

The classified information just received in Congress needs to be declassified! I think we will see top people in the previous administration are neck deep in this scandal; it is much bigger than Watergate. Right now it appears that some of the top FBI agents were covering for the Clintons. They were also spying – Fox news is calling it snooping – I don’t know if it was spying. They will have to go. The Trump investigation will have to be disbanded and quit spending the taxpayer’s money at an alarming rate. Proof has been found that the subpoena was received through false information, so even if they found something they could not use it. [Read more…]