(April 27, 2018)- On October 9, 2013, former Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Detective Eric Meyers, acting in his capacity as a member of the FBI Regional Task Force, responded to Osceola Middle School to investigate concerning comments that Sky Bouche had made on the internet which had been brought to the attention of the FBI.

Bouche watched a YouTube video on the Columbine school shooting and posted comments on the video about doing a shooting at his school and that he had the weapons and ammunition to do so. Detective Meyers spoke with Bouche, along with an Ocala Police Department School Resource Officer, where he admitted to making the comments.

Bouche denied owning weapons and stated that he was just trying to gain attention because he felt hopeless. Also during the interview, Bouche made several comments to Detective Meyers that made him concerned for Bouche’s well-being. On the same day, Detective Meyers along with MCSO Deputy Tiffany Warren then responded to Bouche’s residence and obtained consent to check the house for firearms. Meyers stated that numerous replica firearms were found (airsoft, BB guns or pellet guns) but no real firearms were discovered.

Under Florida law that was in place in 2013, there were no criminal violations that Bouche could have been charged with and his threats could not be substantiated. Due to Detective Meyers’ concern for the safety of Bouche and for the safety of others, Detective Meyers referred Bouche to The Centers for a violent risk assessment. At the time of the incident, Bouche was a 15-year old juvenile.

Had this incident occurred today under newly amended Florida Statute 836.10, as part of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Act, law enforcement would have been able to take criminal action against Bouche. This new law enables law enforcement to bring criminal charges against those who make written threats to conduct mass shootings or an act of terrorism. It is our conclusion that all the law enforcement agencies involved worked collaboratively in investigating this matter, and took the appropriate actions under the law that existed at that point in time.