September 2017

Man, is the left putting pressure on the right. President Trump condemned the violence and they’re picking apart what he said as if he never said it. I think there are factions out there wanting to destroy our country and our way of life. The economy is on a tremendous up swing. I say if the left thinks Trump is so bad and he will destroy himself, let him go. I think he is on the right track. Caution, don’t let anyone use you as a tool to achieve their own agenda. Work your own agenda and listen closely to the facts not propaganda and take your time to make a decision about what is right and wrong.

I am all for supporting Law Enforcement but I look at it a little different. I endorse the person not the department. Yes they have to be a Team. I think that you can’t teach men and women to be Warriors and expect them to be perfect. You teach them to back up their fellow deputies then you ask them to testify against them in court (NOT POSSIBLE!). That is like telling someone never to lie and then in the next breath call them a liar…that doesn’t work! When a Sheriff or the Chief of police goes all out for their men and women, defending them against all, yes I said all on comers including the State Attorney, then they have done their job. But if they wimp out they are not doing their job and can’t build the respect they need from the officers.

Dennis Baxley spoke at the Ocala Business Leaders on the 16th of the month. He did a good job telling the members about what was happening in Tallahassee. He also said the violence has to stop. I told him I had a wish list. I would like to see legislation passed that says anyone paying thugs to attend a Rally and cause trouble should be put in jail. The Thug and the person that paid them. I think Dennis Baxley is doing a good job representing us in the State Senate. Marion County has not had that in a long time.

Buy Local and buy person to person. When buying local also buy person to person. Things will always go smoother when you know someone working at the business you are buying from. For example I met and connected with a marketing person at an expo. I called the following week to get prices. They said “I’m not a sales person I’m a marketing person”. He introduced me to a salesperson of his choice. Now I know someone inside. The gate keeper will no longer stop me, I have a name. Business to Business, Person to person, try it. I’ll bet it will work well for you. Also if you are paying a finder’s fee and you are running an ad. Do you think the person answering the phone is going to tell you it was call from the ad when they can get a finder’s fee? I have had that happen many times.

We have several new advertisers. One is Daniel Hightower, Attorney. He is known for being very effective in the courtroom and for his work for Charities. He gives back to the community that endorses him. Good man!

Also we have a hidden talent in our mist. GLENN COVE, a metal sculpturer. He makes art sculptures out of metal, mostly copper. You should see it. If you call him, he would be more than glad to open his gallery for you to enjoy. Bring some friends. They have some very small pieces and some very big pieces. Great to decorate your living room with something different, a working of art.

I was honored to be invited to a meet and greet to introduce Denise Grimsley who will be running for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture. I’m guessing Putnam is going to run for Governor. Being part of the AG world it did not take long to understand her love of Agriculture. She spoke about an incident that helped her decide Agriculture needs help. The meeting was held at Myron and Cindy Bowlin’s home. In the group were State Senator Dennis Baxley and Representative Stan McClain. I went to get my first look at the new candidate Denise Grimsley. I am impressed!