Summertime is upon us

Summertime is upon us and that means that there are only a few short months left before the mid-term elections. During this time, many candidates will present their philosophies and ideas to the people about how they will serve them and improve the efficiency of their government. For those of us seeking re-election, one of the most common questions we get is, “what have you done so far?” It is a fair and direct question that can be answered in different ways. Today, I have chosen to highlight some of our biggest victories and the recognition that your Senate seat (I just sit in it for you) has received from advocacy groups and organizations from across the State of Florida.

In 2017, your Senator was recognized as the Legislator of the Year from the Florida Coalition for Children (FCC) in recognition of the service and dedication to the children of Florida. The Florida Coalition for Children’s mission is to advocate on behalf of Florida’s abused, abandoned, neglected, and at-risk children, and to support the agencies and individuals who work on their behalf. Each year, this organization helps over 50,000 children and families in crisis. I am proud to work alongside this great organization.

The Florida Police Chief’s Association (FPCA) recognized your Senator as the Legislator of the Year in 2017. During that Session, I sponsored and passed a bill (SB 684) that requires a sexual predator and sexual offender to report each Internet identifier’s corresponding website homepage or application software name. It also defined “internet identifiers” as any designation, moniker, screen name, username, or other name used for self-identification to send or receive social Internet communication. As a father and grandfather, nothing is more important to me than protecting the lives of vulnerable young children from possible predators and perverts. The FPCA’s support was critical and it was a pleasure working with them to pass this legislation.

Your Senator was named the legislative champion by the Florida Association of Property Appraiser’s, in appreciation of our support and dedication during the 2017 Legislative Session. The Florida Association of Property Appraisers (FAPA) is a statewide professional organization comprised of locally elected, constitutionally authorized property appraisers whose mission is to promote fair and equitable assessments of property within and between counties in the state of Florida.

Also, that year the Florida Coalition of School Board Members awarded your Senator the Fighting for Kids Award. This award is given to those policy makers who introduce or support legislation that promotes their core values of fiscal responsibility, parent and student choice, and local control. During the 2017 Session I sponsored a bill that revises eligibility requirements for specified students to receive part-time instruction at the Florida Virtual School and authorized all students, including home education and private school students, to participate in specified virtual instruction options.

It is such a privilege to serve you in the Florida Senate, and as we will see, there are many opportunities to protect the freedoms that each of us enjoy every day. Next month, I will share more of what we have done, together, for the people of Senate District 12, and the State of Florida.

Onward & Upward,

Dennis Baxley