Publishers Notes August 2018

Civil War:

Last month I wrote how Civil Wars begin. The information I received was from the web about the writings of Jack Minzey who died this year. He studied the subject for many of years and wrote a number of books on the subject. History tells us what happened. The social and political behavior today fits that mold. Hatred and social disorder is out of control. We need more love and respect. If not love and if not respect, then tolerance. No matter who wins the election I would never try to unseat a president that was voted into office. In today’s society most people have guns because they feel they need to protect themselves and their families. THEY DO! Today if you don’t agree with your neighbor they get violent and verbally abusive. Right now I have someone verbally abusing me over this very story from last month. He says I have the right to my opinion but don’t have the right to my own facts. These facts were not mine. They were a matter of facts in history! No one wants a civil war. [Read more…]


By TomL

For a long time I have been hearing about Political PACs. So I decided to look it up on the internet. First it is short for “Political Action Committee”. Their purpose is raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates. Most PACs represent business, labor or ideological interests. It’s the ideological interests where the trouble comes in. There is always a radical in the group. They want to get their person in office and will go to extreme measures to make that happen, even break the law.

The Marion County School race has done that again. One of the candidates has made charges of being threatened and bullied in hopes that she would drop out of the race. Some history…several races back, employees of the school system actually stole a candidate’s identity and tried to use it to their advantage. They were caught by the Marion County Sheriff’s office and were not even charged. They were not fired. Back then Sheriff Dean was in office and he was busy trying to damage control a scandal of his own when his person in charge got caught up in a problem. [Read more…]

Political Forum

By TomL

OBL (Ocala Business Leaders) held a Political Forum at their regular breakfast meeting so the local Candidates could speak in front of the OBL Members. It was interesting to hear each answer questions and understand what they stood for. The speakers were:

Marion County School Board: [Read more…]

CrackerJack & Baby Lane

Cracker Jack and Lane Loury getting used to each other. Lane is 18 months and is getting his second lesson from his mother Lindsay. Photo taken by Debbie Sykes, grandmother.


Publishers Notes August 2018

By TomL

Do a google search that says “Did Obama ever have a job in the private sector?” Some claim his was the front man for an investment group run by two of his close friends. The federal government would attack a certain industry, knock the business to its knees, devalue it and the investment group would step in and buy it dirt cheap. There are a number of deals like that about the time that Obama was re-elected. A couple of names involved were a Biden name and Kerry name in a deal where a University was acquired for penny on the dollar. The University was attack by the Federal Government for supplying student loans. The Scandals go on and on in a book on a site if you just look! Do you know what the real shame of all this is? The HUGE media machine knew about most of this and would not print anything about it! [Read more…]

How Do Civil Wars Start?

By TomL

When two powerful groups of people like the Republican and the Democrats disagree with the results of an election and do everything they can to change the results, or bring down the sitting president. In this case an investigation of collusion was started against Trump and their collusion is not illegal. All this time, over a year, they have searched, finding no collusion so they are now trying to get him on moral grounds again not illegal. I never thought Trump was a goody goody. He was a hard working millionaire playboy who is now President of  the United States and a hard working married man. I think I heard him say once he was not perfect! Now our federal bureau is trying to prove he is not perfect.  [Read more…]


There’s an old saying in advertising that money follows eyeballs. But that’s not universally true. One of the charts from Statista shows advertisers spend the large majority of their dollars on ads targeted at television, mobile devices, and PC web browsers – the forms of media with which consumers are spending most of their time.

But the medium that ranks fourth in terms of ad revenue is print – good old fashioned newspapers. [Read more…]

Cop – Constable on Patrol

by TomL

I never liked the slang word Cop. In my early youth till 14 years old I lived in a bad neighborhood. Crime was rampant, including next door, across the street, and for a six block radius. The people around our family used the word cop with much hatred. So I did not like the slang word cop and for that was not well liked by most of the neighbor kids my age. Where the word cop begin? The slang word ‘cop’ derives from the phrase ‘constable on patrol.’

Information from the internet:

A police force is a constituted body of persons empowered by a state to enforce the law, to protect people and property, and to prevent crime and civil disorder. Their powers include the power of arrest and the legitimized use of force. The term is most commonly associated with police services of a sovereign state that are authorized to exercise the police power of that state within a defined legal or territorial area of responsibility. Police forces are often defined as being separate from military or other organizations involved in the defense of the state against foreign aggressors; however, gendarmerie are military units charged with civil policing. The police force is usually a public sector service, funded through taxes. [Read more…]

The White House

By TomL

Trump administration released their annual report to Congress on White House Office Personnel. It includes the name, status, salary and position title of all 377 White House employees.

The report also said that Trump decided not to take a dime of his salary; instead he donated it to an amazing cause! See below.

The report also showed that President Trump is far better at saving money than Obama was. The total annual White House salaries under Trump are 35.8 million vs. $40.9 million under Obama, a savings of $5.1 million.

Here are some other key findings:  [Read more…]

Speeding in the Villages

By TomL

I have been swamped by information coming out of the Villages and several other sources about the controversy pertaining to people speeding in the Villages. There are residents complaining about speeders and traffic on certain roads. The speeders are reported to be residents, visitors and contractors.

One persons Opinion

I was stopped a year ago April on Morse past Rio Grande on the way to #441. The cop told me the speed along there is 30mph because there are golf cart lanes alongside the car lanes. The speed limit is 35 on the roads with a separate golf cart paths and 25 thru the neighborhoods. I lose patience too but it would be a lot worse if I hit a golf cart. We “old people” break easily. I sure don’t need that on my conscience because I was trying to go a little faster. [Read more…]