Merry Christmas!

By Florida Senator Baxley

“Wreaths Across America” provided a highlight of inspiration this week as hundreds of volunteers and veterans spread out over Highland Memorial Park to place a wreath with a salute and gratitude for each fallen soldier. This is spreading all across the country at the Christmas season as we honor all those who have selflessly served, and remember them with honor and dignity.

We believe in remembering. America is strong and the world is safer when America is strong. All of these dedicated men and women, who took the oath of sacrifice for others, must be remembered. They were not policy makers. They were simply ordinary people ready to protect and serve in defense of others.

Over the history of America, many may not have understood our commitment to ensuring freedom. However, there has always been the few, which are now many who were willing to step up and lead the way into the future protecting faith, family, freedom, and opportunity for all of us.

Let us give thanks and honor in this blessed Christmas season as we remember the greatest gift.

Merry Christmas!