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    • Targeting Your Audience
      At TomL Publishing we have 4 monthly Newspapers: two in Ocala (Ocala DownTown which covers Silver Springs Blvd & Seniors Voice of Ocala which covers HWY 200). In and near the Villages we have the Lady Lake Magazine which covers Lady Lake Villages & North of 466 we have Village Spectator covering where Lake & […]
    • Publishers Notes May 2019
      For some reason we are getting everything backward. Is it Politics??? Let’s put everyone we don’t like under oath and ask questions and see if they incriminate anyone, then they scare them with prison time, and offer them immunity to turn on others they want to imprison. “In this country, if you cheat to get […]
    • Lady Lake Town Hall Workshop
      By TomL You, as a resident of Lady Lake, should go and sit through some of these meetings. Now at a workshop the public cannot talk; they just listen, but that is the way you get informed. For instance, Commissioner Vincent mention that he was impressed by the Town Manager’s interview that she let him […]
    • Publishers Notes April 2019
      Late Breaking News: The Trump / Russia Collusion? The DOJ Russia collision Investigation is over. There are some sealed indictments whatever that means, but there will be no more indictment filed. They say there was no collusion between Trump and Russia. There were some of Trump’s past employees found guilty of various things that happened […]
    • Counterfeit Flags
      By TomL Flags made in America??? Recent information has come to light that some Corporations had labels from companies on American Flags that lead you believe that they were made in America and they were not. The Corporations have subcontractor that have denied the allegations but recently three more subcontractor were uncovered counterfeiting made in […]
    • Does Socialism Work?
      By TomL The question is does Socialism work? I say it works temporarily as long as they have someone else’s money to work with. Remember when you tax the rich too much they will move to another country that won’t tax them too heavily. Then you don’t have their money to work with. They will […]