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    • Quote of the Day, Any Day, Any Time
      “America does not need to see the tax return of a billionaire who became a public servant. America needs to see the tax returns of public servants who became millionaires while being public servants” The post Quote of the Day, Any Day, Any Time appeared first on TomL Publishing.
    • Newspapers Band Together
      By TomL Trade groups have always banded together to create a bigger voice in Washington and provide better opportunities at home. Our state and national press associations have lobbied for better postal rates, a greater understanding of the need for legal notices, more transparent open meetings, improved independent contractor laws and most importantly, among many […]
    • Life in a Small Town in South Florida in the 40’s
      By TomL I have been walking down the memory trail which is sometimes fun to share, but once started it was not. My younger brother is living in south Florida and my older sister living in Inverness Florida. Both recently passed away within 60 days of each other. I am the last of that generation. […]
    • One Vote Changed Our Country!
      By TomL People who changed the world with one vote! John McCain Affordable care Act voting no, Thumbs Down!!! Now we are not even close to getting enough votes but we will in 2020! Mitt Romney One Republican vote to impeach the President which made it bipartisan! The problem is history. One republican vote makes […]
    • Who is Bernie Sanders?
      By TomL Bernie Sanders managed not to hold a full-time job his entire life or vote in a single election, until he finally ran for Mayor of Burlington at the age of 40. After several failed elections, he finally won the office of Mayor of Burlington, VT. In 1988 he married Jane Driscoll and took a […]
    • Publisher Notes
      America dialed 911 and Donald Trump answered the phone. Now they are trying to stop him because the DOJ investigation is getting to deep. It is uncovering some very powerful, well liked people. I cannot understand why we are sending all these millions of dollars to all the countries that either hate us or try […]