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    • Immigration…
      by TomL I got a lot of feedback about the picture on the front page of the Lady Lake Magazine / Villages Spectator. If you look at the picture there are a lot of young men of military age. They are carrying a flag from their country of origin, not the US flag. Put that […]
    • Publishers Notes November 2018
      We are Statewide Award Winning, Yes we are. The Community Papers of Florida had their state conference at Hutchison Island and Resort, a great spot for a conference. At the end of the two day conference we got the results of our competition. We were in the top three in five categories for TomL Publishing […]
      Villages Florida: There is a running controversy over a resident displaying the flag. This is not a good thing to be on the wrong side of, especially right now! It does not have anything to do with Villages management; it has to do with residents in the community. There are yard ornament regulations. Joe and […]
    • Publishers Notes October 2018
      By TomL I guess the question today is Resist or Results? The American people are smarter than some would like us to think. The working people shopping a Walmart or spending money are what make our economy work. More and more of them are getting the idea that they need to vote. The working person […]
    • Print Newspapers
      Print newspapers and their decline.In the US one of the largest print publications, with 13.2 million circulation, has been able to move only 750,000 to using digital format. Actually the same is true in the top three. AARP is the largest and Costco Connection is one of the top three. A print newspaper is tangible, […]
      By TomL Where was the American Flag made that you are pledging allegiance too? Millions of American Flags that we pledge to are made in China. To date we don’t have tariffs on them. “I say we should not let anyone import them here!” I was talking to a local business that sells made in […]